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5 things you need to know about Chromaluxe and why it’s the best way to showcase your beautiful photos!

ChromaLuxe is an alloy. It provides a novel and stirring technique to creating photographic prints of high quality. It offers a blend of far-fetched beauty, intensity, detail and permanence. The metal panels are water & scratch resistant. They will not lose colour or yellow over time. Chromaluxe is lightweight with great durability. This makes it the perfect choice for public exhibitions or displaying in the home. It remains bright and lively in most lighting conditions. So whether you are a professional, or an amateur photographer, here is why Chromaluxe is the best way to showcase your photos.


  1. Scratch, Water, Fire and Chemical resistant.

Chromaluxe is a real wonder in the photography circles. Every photographer’s dream is to preserve the memories of the client for as long as it will take. Photos that can withstand different weather conditions and still remain intact even after tragedies such as a fire are highly sought after. ChromaLuxe HD Metal prints are scratch, fire, water and chemical resistant. Your photos are infused into the medium so that they look like they are printed on glass.


  1. Easy to Clean Lightweight Surface.

The glass appearance that photos get when infused into the Chromaluxe HD metal print leaves a hard, lightweight and shiny surface that is easy to clean. So no matter how long it hangs on your walls or however busy the public place you have to hang them, you can just wipe them over every now and then to keep them panel looking like new.


  1. Gorgeous Deep Saturated Colors

ChromaLuxe HD metal prints exhibit deep contrasts, eye-catching detail and a rich colour. Durability is not compromised and the 3 D effect offers a rich vibrancy and clarity. When viewers come across the quality of these photos for the first time, they usually say, “Wow, it looks like it is printed on glass”.


  1. Can be used in Damp Areas

Your photos are intimate memories and as such we know that you’d like to see them displayed within your home. With ChromaLuxe HD technology we can produce water and heat resistant panels for you that you can hang in the lounge room, bathroom, kitchen, sauna or pool area.


  1. Suitable for Outdoor Use

The glass and glossy appearance of ChromaLuxe calls out for attention from a distance. They will remain intact and durable whether you hang them in sun, rain, wind or extreme heats.

Compared to a regular photo that is displayed behind glass, Chomaluxe will last decades longer before it starts to fade. Independent research reports that Chromaluxe is the longest lasting photo medium on the market.

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