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Welcome to 2017!

We look forward to having the opportunity of doing business with you and showcasing your beautiful photos in the best possible way.  There is nothing more beautiful and engaging then having your photos from a special occasion made into Personalised products to help you keep the memories alive.


Old photos of your loved ones are such precious things, aren’t they? It’s so nice to look back on them and be proudly reminded of a special event in your life. Photos need to be preserved and treasured and a practical way to do this is by having them made into coasters.

Coasters? Did we say coasters? Those little things that you put drinks on?

Well, yes, that’s right. At S&B Unique Photography we specialise in putting digital photos on a range of products. Recently we had the privilege of creating several Coaster & Placemat sets for a customer. The photos were of family events held decades earlier. They were thrilled to see their family photos displayed in such a unique way. They are, without doubt, great conversation starters at holiday and family gatherings!

And when you think of it, why not? Most treasured family photos end up stored away in a dusty album at the bottom of a draw somewhere. Nobody looks at them for years. Sometimes you forget you even have the photos. It isn’t until you do a big clean out or you pack up your belongings to move to a new house that you come across them.

Why not bring those old photos out in the open where everyone can see them? By putting them on a coaster or a placemat they immediately become conversation pieces. Irresistible to anyone who sees them.

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