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About Our Company

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Based in Stanthorpe Queensland, Sue and Brenda, founded S&B Personalised Printing. They’re driven by one simple goal. To personalise household objects with your cherished photos. Choose from a range of products and they will craft a sentimental keepsake just for you. It will be an item you will treasure for years to come.

Sue & Brenda’s journey began in 2014. They showcased an extensive array of their own photos as a creative line of souvenirs. Coaster & Placemat Sets, Wine Stoppers and Magnets were just a few. This line, developed for local businesses, immediately gained in popularity. So popular were the souvenirs that people wanted their own personal photos on them. Sue and Brenda were happy to accommodate. They began gracing the face of their souvenirs with cherished family photos. Realising its significance to their customers they have continued to create these personalised items.

S&B Personalised Printing offers a variety of products that is growing as they evolve the craft. An S&B specialty is Chromaluxe (metal prints). All products created utilise the process of dye sublimation. Through heat an image is infused directly into the metal panels. S&B Personalised Printing will turn your image into a vibrant wall decoration. Any object created is more than just a physical object – it is a product the customer will cherish. Not just for its quality, but also for its sentimental significance.

Feedback is vital to ensuring the delivery of a quality product. The company thrives on customer feedback and views customer satisfaction as its reward.

S&B Unique Photography is passionate about excellence. Whether out capturing unique photographs or creating new and remarkable products, Sue & Brenda remain loyal to their original mission. To create beautiful, high-quality products that will preserve your memories for a lifetime.

How Do We Make Our Products?

Every item created uses the process Dye Sublimation. By using dyes not inks, we print your photo on a special printer. The printout is then attached to the product of your choice (a substrate). The substrate goes through a heat-press. The heat infuses the dyes into the substrate.

By using this process we are ensuring that you receive a quality, long lasting product. It will also be scratch, heat and water-resistant. Our products will continue to be in the minds of others for many years to come.

What We Value

We value honesty and good respectful communication with our customers. Continual learning and growth in skills is important to ensure the provision of high quality products. Quick service of a fabulous product with a prompt reliable delivery option is of paramount importance to us.

If you are looking for the finest Site For All your unique & Fabulous Gift Ideas, You are in the right place. Just send us your photo and Let Us do All the Work. Please note photos must be of a high resolution for a successful outcome.





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Our Happy Customers


Quality Product

My wedding photos look amazing on the Coaster Sets I had made by S and B Personalised Printing. They are a quality product which I highly recommend.

Jane Williams
Corowa, NSW

Highly Recommended

We highly recommend S&B . We sent them our cherished photos so they could make us several coaster sets that showcased our recent commitment ceremony. We gave the coaster sets to our supportive friends and family as a thank you gift for sharing our special day with us. The loved them and. The coaster sets are top quality and exactly as we had pictured them to be- classy and polished. Not only are we happy with the coaster sets but also the respectful way they communicated with us.

Alex and Craig
Wollongong, NSW

A Constant Reminder of a Fabulous Holiday

Just love my placemats that highlight our recent holiday to Spain. Every time we sit down for a meal we are reminded of what a fabulous holiday our family had.

Joyce Robins
Melbourne VIC

Beautiful Products

My beautiful dog, Amazon, is the love of my life. A big thank you to S&B Personalised Printing for creating such beautiful products for me. I now have Amazon on a coaster set in my home and she is also on my key-ring which I take everywhere. They even printed her photo on a Mouse Pad for me! Whether I’m at work or out and about she is with me and I’m reminded of how much love she gives me.

Gary Turner
Toowoomba, QLD

Spectacular Work

I just want to say thank you Sue & Brenda. I sent them my wedding photo to print on Chromaluxe as a gift for my mother and mother-in-law. I had no idea how spectacular they would look. I will be telling everyone about Chromaluxe, I love these panels.

Jacqui Smith
Mt Gambier, SA

I Just Love It

A few months ago our first child arrived and we had family portraits done. I supplied S&B Personalised Printing with my favourite photo of my partner and I with our new baby. They printed it up on Chromaluxe. It’s stunning and looks amazing. It now hangs on the wall taking pride of place in our lounge room. I just love it. Thank you so much.

Sally Gibson

Thank You

Recently I was given a gift of a photo on the chromaluxe product. When I opened the package I could hardly believe my eyes. The photo radiates out from the chromaluxe and has so much life and energy it’s almost mesmerising. The colours are rich and vibrant. The finished product is smooth to touch and inviting on the eye, let alone being so light, there was no issue in mounting it on the wall. Personally I’ve never seen a digital photo compare to the depth of light and colour and life that my chromaluxe photo has. We enjoy it every day. I highly recommend both this product for beautiful photos and the owners of S&B  for such high quality work. Thank you for enriching lives with such beautiful products.

Darwin, NT

The Quality is Outstanding

Several months ago I ordered some magnets from S&B Personalised Printing. I sent them a gorgeous photo of my newborn baby. They made magnets for me to send out to my family and friends so I could introduce my first born to everyone. The magnets are beautiful and glossy and the quality is outstanding. I love the work they do and recommend the magnets for anyone wanting to introduce their baby to the world.

Maxine Golding
Melbourne, VIC


Dear Sue and Brenda,

Just a note to let you know that I am delighted with your Placemats & Coasters. We have been selling them since early March 2016 and they are a steady seller. It is good to be able to sell a product that is locally made and of exceptional quality. A genuine souvenir of Stanthorpe. I hope your business continues to improve and wish you every success.

Jim Miller
Managing Director Mt. Stirling Olives – Glen Aplin, QLD

A Big Hit

I recently supplied S&B Unique Photography with some family photos to have made into a coaster set as a gift for my sister. The coaster set was a big hit. It looked glossy and polished and highlighted some beautiful childhood memories. I highly recommend them if you are looking for something unique to give as a gift.

Margaret Lawson
Stanthorpe, QLD

Stunning Results

Having seen S&B Personalised Printing and their quality work at a local market in Stanthorpe we commissioned them to replicate some historical photos onto Chromaluxe for our centenary celebrations in September 2015. They also produced some additional specific memorabilia for this event. We were delighted with the stunning results of their work.

Ginny Lovelady
Advanced Care Paramedic Stanthorpe, Stanthorpe Ambulance Service, QLD

Lovely Product

I have always wanted to have some beautiful photos of my grandchildren all together in one place in my house. Over the years I had tried many different ways to showcase my grandchildren in my home. I was never completely satisfied until I came across S&B Personalised Printing. A beautiful coaster set showcasing all my grandchildren now sits on my coffee table. I am so happy with this lovely product, it gives me joy each time I look at it.

Michael Sullivan
Forster, NSW

I Love the Quality of Their Work

I recently supplied S&B Photography with some beautiful photos of my new grandson. They have used my photos to create a gorgeous Coaster Set that now takes pride of place in my living room. I highly recommend S&B Personalised Printing if you are looking for a way of using your cherished photos to showcase a new family member. I love the quality of their work.

Michelle Forster
Stanthorpe, QLD

Thank You S&B Personalised Printing

I brought 50 magnets to let everyone know to Save The Date for my upcoming wedding in 2017. They are top quality and I was over the moon with them. Thank you S&B Unique Photography.

Sarah Johns
Armidale NSW