Personalised Candle Holder for Special Occasions


Celebrate Your Special Occasion with a Personalised Candle Holder

Candle tributes that can be used at celebration of an important life event. Valentines Day, a christening, a wedding, an anniversary


Remember an important time in an everlasting way with a Personalised Candle Holder.

Candle holders are a wonderful keepsake and a beautiful way to remember the birth of a new family member or a milestone in your relationship. Personalise a candle holder  Contact us NOW



  • Practical
  • Modern and Glossy
  • Ceramic
  • Inexpensive
  • Little plugs underneath to protect your furniture
  • Ideal way to keep the memories alive


Personalise your candle holder. Send us your photo and let us do all the work, just sit back and wait for your personalised candle holder to be delivered to you. 

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